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CMP Initiatives

CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya

(Updated as on 30.11.2012  the last working day of the month).

  Sept 2012        
1. Community Lunch Preparation of TLM Meeting of the Cluster level cmp was held on 16.09.2012 in K.V.HLD Ist Shift. Preparation of work sheets. Film show (Nani Maa).
  Use of resource room as per time table. Hindi calligraphy and Hindi poem was held 15.09.2012  recitation competition.      
  Oct 2012        
2. Community Lunch. Film shows (Kabhi Pass Kabhi Fail). Power presentation by the subject Teachers. Group song competition on 06.102012. Practice for CMP cluster level programmer.
  Nov 2012        
3. Dated 06.11.2012  CMP cluster level cultural meet was held at KV Mukteshwar. Mini sports meet was oranised on dated 16.11.2012. Fancy dress competition was held on 16.11.2012. Cubs and Bulbul Mahotsav on 21.11.2012. Celebration of flag day on 07.11.2012.
  Film shows (Tsunami) Preparation of TLM and worksheets. Drawing competition on dt. 20.11.2012    

S. No.

Initiative        (Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative)

Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realised or not

Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation


Powerpoint presentation , film show , group activity worksheet and medical checkup. II , III & V eng, maths, EVS To clear their concept YES Mrs. V.Bangari


Film show, ppt, Group Activity,work sheet and medical checkup etc IIB, IVA , Hindi,EVS, Hindi To clear their concept Yes  

Mrs. R. Pant


PPT,Film Show, Activities, worksheet, medical checkup, project work IIIAB,IVA,Eng, EVS To develop interest creativity and scientific altitude Yes Mrs. K. uprieti


Group activity, Film Show, Medical Checkup , PPT, Project work IB ,VB, Eng. EVS, Hindi To develop constrictive and creative approach Yes Mrs. Nitu Joshi
5 PPT, Group activities, film shows IVB, Eng., IVB Maths, VA Eng. To encourage them to bring out their best. Yes Mrs. Namrata S.
6 Group Acticities, film shows, worksheet activities, Medical checkup, PPT IIIB Hin,

To clear their concept & encourage YEs Mrs. N. Sah
7 Medical checkup, PPT, use of LCD Projector, Disk TV, , DVD, Worksheet activities IA EVS, IA hindi, IIIB EVS,VB maths Create interest towards subject and clear the concept Yes Mrs. A. Negi
8 Maths, Grammer PPT, Film shows , saved on wild animial pet and transport. IIIA maths, IIIA hindi, IIA EVS, IIA Hindi Develop their recall power and do best Yes Mr. P.Kouranga
9 PPT Maths, Group discussion and activities ,Film shows IIB maths,
IIB eng.
IV A maths,
IV A Eng.

To clear their concept Yes Ms. Kavita Bahuguna
10 Film Shows, worksheet activities , use of DVD in R.Room IVB hindi, I Craft, IV A Lib. To clear their concept Yes Mrs. S.Pandey
* Welcome of class Ist student (In the month of April 2012)
* Preparation of TLM (Every months)
* Community Lunch.
* Presentation of educational CD's , Powerpoint and OHP time to time.
* Excursion (In the month of Dec 2012)
* Celebration of national festivals.
* Celebration of "Grand Parents Day" in the month of Nov 2012.
* Group level competition (Cluster meet ) in the month Oct 2012
* Mini Meet 14 Nov 2012. Date Activity
01 07.04.2012 House distribution
02 21.04.2012 House Meeting
03 28.04.2012 Monitoring (Pledge and Prayer demo)
04 05.05.2012 Story telling competition.
05 21.07.2012 Group dance competition.
06 28.07.2012 English Calligraphy competition.
07 04.08.2012 English Poem recitation.
08 18.08.2012 Solo song competition.
09 25.08.2012 Drawing & painting competition.
10 01.09.2012 Hindi calligraphy competition.
11 15.09.2012 Hindi Poem recitation.
12 29.09.2012 Group song competition.
13 06.10.2012 Quiz competition.
14 03.11.2012 Skit (Hindi)
15 17.11.2012 Skit (English)
16 15.12.2012 English spelling test.
17 22.12.2012 Fancy dress competition.
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